Yunzo's tales - Character

Official setting in "Healer of ALL"

Eliza Torland

She is working as healer magician.
She is 18 years old, and her height is approx. 160cm.

Here is official appearance of Eliza.

Her outfit comes from army nurse in early 20c, and Torajimaneko-san reforms into medieval style. Feel free to draw her including your own reform.


Magic and Heal

Official Setting in "Planet Nurse"

The side story "Planet Nurse" is published for ICECAT\'s "MagiDeka" at Comic Market 84, Aug/2013.
From characteristics point of view, the difference from main story is size and appearance.

Eliza Torland

Not so much difference from original "Healer of All" except her size and outfit.

Here is some illustrations in "Planet Nurse" by Ochiko (I got permission from Icecat and Ochiko).

Here are more official pics from Furefami.

She wears bracelet-shaped "device" that is necessary to protect planets: crush prevention, healing, sensitivity enhancement, and so on.
Their bracelet can shrink and enlarge themselves between 10-5 to 10+5 of original size.


Size of people in the story is as below.

NameScineScaleSize from residentsDiameter of planet
ElizaEncountered81 x 109 = 1 billion 1,600,000km3.3cm
Enlarged9.32 x 1010 = 20 billion 32,000,000km1.65mm
Shrinked-14.32 x 105 = 200,000 320km165m
Shrinked-24.75 x 105 = 500,000800km66m
CesiliaShrinked2.01 x 103 = 1,0001700m33km
Residents--1.0 1 x 100 = 1 -33000km
Average Humanoid-0.0 1 x 101 = 10 -3300km
Maximum Humanoid2.0 1 x 103 = 1,000 -33km