Planet Nurse Eliza

Author: D.S.
Update: 2021-09-28

Karin sighed as she went outside. She took a few steps towards her car, but immediately had to pause for a brief moment. She couldn't take this anymore.

It was hot.

Way too hot.

The sun was burning with an unbelievable heat, turning nearly every surface into a potential death trap. Decades of carelessness had destroyed most of the ozone layers, and now humanity had to pay the price. The glowing red rock in the sky and its life-threatening rays engulfed the entire planet and the stratosphere without any form of resistance. Seasons were a thing of the past. There was only summer. An endless, insufferable summer.

Karin finally reached her car and opened the door. She was already sweating crazily from the short walk and felt like she was about to faint. When would this finally stop? She took a look at the display behind the steering wheel. 52 degrees Celcius. The 19th day in a row. She turned on the radio, but instead of some nice upbeat music she heard the moderator talk about the thousands of people who had died because of the heat. Again. Floods, melted polar caps, forest fires, famines. Nothing surprised her anymore.

Was this the fabled apocalypse? It sure felt like it.

And, almost equally important, why did she still go to work? It made no sense to her. The world was on the brink of destruction, but somehow her boss still needed a secretary. Well, fine.

Karin was just about to start her car when something strange happened. It suddenly went dark. Pitch black. As if someone had pushed a button and turned off the sun. Just like that. She turned around and tried to see what was going on. A solar eclipse? Now? There hadn't been anything on the news. She opened the car door and stepped outside again. Then she saw it. No, she saw *her*.

Her heart stopped for a second. It couldn't be. Impossible. No freaking way. This wasn't an eclipse. The sun was being blocked by something else. Something so massive it couldn't even be described properly, let alone comprehended by a human being.

A gigantic woman wearing the outfit of a nurse appeared on the horizon, displaying a gentle smile. Karin didn't believe what she saw. The giant woman's face seemed to be as large as the planet itself, and she couldn't even see the rest of her titanic body hidden behind the horizon. Where did she come from? What did she want? What the hell was she?

Karin couldn't keep her eyes off this titanic face in the sky, even though she felt undbridled terror wash over her mind. First the heat wave, now there was something like a godlike entity looming over the Earth, so big that she couldn't even fully grasp its true size? That woman must've been at least ten times the size of the planet! Karin felt like an ant. No, even smaller than that. Compared to the titaness, she was nothing but a living dust particle.

To Karin's surprise, a mild smile suddenly flashed across the giant woman's face. Then, she raised her voice and began to speak. Her voice was gentle, sweet and caring. Definitely not what everyone was expecting.

"Hi! I'm planet nurse Eliza! You... seem to be in trouble. May I help you?", she whispered carefully.

What was going on here? A planet nurse? How was this even possible? Could she even see who she was talking to? Karin doubted it.

"The heat is troubling you, right? But don't worry. I'll take care of it."

Karin could only watch as the unbelievably large woman casually floated away from the Earth and took a moment to observe the sun so, so far away. Then she noticed something. Eliza seemed to get even bigger. Did she have the power to make herself infinitely large? This couldn't be. Holy hell. Her body expanded at a steady pace, and Karin estimated that she was now 30 times the size of the Earth. She was about to faint again when she realized what this self-proclaimed 'planet nurse' was doing.

The gigantic Eliza slowly moved towards the sun and, in an extreme display of power, started to put her arms around the glowing rock. Karin couldn't take it any longer. What the hell was happening here? Was she hugging the freaking sun? Was this a dream? It was the only possible explanation.

Eliza smiled as she became one with the sun for a brief moment, absorbing its energy into her own body as she embraced it. Raw power surged through her body, reducing the deadly heat radiance and making herself even bigger in the process. The people on Earth could only watch in amazement as the nurse's body expanded more, and more, and more, and even more. It didn't seem like her growth was about to stop anytime soon, but after a few moments, the massive woman finally let go of the sun. Her body, now 1000 times bigger than Earth itself, turned towards the microscopic people once more. She was so gigantically large that it was impossible to tell what part of her body they were even looking at.

Carefully picking up the planet with her thumb and index finger, the giant girl gently laughed.

"It's okay now. Please be at ease, tiny ones."

Even though she was a frightening and barely comprehensible sight, the people on Earth were relieved. The giantess had saved them from a certain and very painful death. Cheers erupted around the globe. Everyone was chanting Eliza's name, thanking her for her help. It didn't go unnoticed.

"Oh, it's not a big deal! If you're all fine, that's enough for me", the massive nurse said with a smile. "Your appreciation is all the reward I need."

The cheering didn't stop. The people seemed to want to give her more than just their appreciation. Everyone wanted to be a part of this godlike being. As if they were magically drawn to her. The whole situation was just so tremendously unreal, yet the people felt like they owed her more than just a few thank-yous. It was like applauding a god that had descended from the heavens to help them.

Eliza blushed.

"This is so nice of you...! If you're okay with it, I would like to interact with you more closely. Would you please, please explore me? You can go everywhere you want...! Even inside of me..."

She smiled once more as she moved her hand closer to her body and placed the diminutive planet on her belly. She closed her eyes and let herself drift off, knowing that the people of the Earth had become one with her, even if it was only for a short moment.

She had saved another planet.