The cuddler to the Town

Author: Yunzo
Update: 2012-11-12

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It is a supplementary story of "Healer of All". What made me write this story is argument from HIK as below:
"The gentle giga giantess is supreme!"
Yes, I totally agree with him.

Eliza is famous among all over the nation as healer with her size and power. She walks city to city with around 100-150 feet height, healing all of the residents by her massive power of magic.
It occurs when she is walking toward next city as usual.

"What will you do, if you become larger?"
Eliza looks at Iezem, her partner on leftshoulder, in a puzzle.
"Would you please what it means?"
"Err...I've just imagined that you become larger upto several miles high..."
His reply is also sounds puzzled for why he imagined that.
"Terrible imagination for me, I think."
Eliza returns to forward, leaving smile for him.
"I think so too. But if it comes true, you can make mountains flat with your foot, or stand stridding whole city..."
"Ya, no way. I never do th..."
She looked at him again, but his figure is not found this time. Eliza looks around with impatience, and notices that the surrounding landscape is completely different.

Clouds, like raw cotton, in front of her.
Small mountains, behind the clouds, lays on the curved horizon.
Green carpet with yellow patches.
And small glay circle in front of her toes.
"It is...."
She thought around. She can easily understands it is a city. From her previous location, it may be a city of Lubec which has a popuration of 5000 but no larger than her palm now.

Eliza stares down at the city in astonishment without any movement. If she made one or two more step forward, she might be in the city and she unconsciously crushed almost all of the city down beneath her feet. She sits down to the ground as slowly as possible, paying all her attention to arounds. And then she inclines for closer look. Citizens are seems to be no more than tiny black dots for her, but she can feel their fears and angers.
She must rescue them. She folds her hands and talked with telepathy.
"I... I am sorry for getting so huge."
The responces do not change by her appeal, but she keeps calling.
"But no matter how large, I am a healer. I will cure up, rescue all of you."
After the declaration, Eliza puts her fingers onto surroundings of the city and push against the ground. For residents, her blocks-wide fingers are seems to be pillar to the heaven, and easily sink into ground with a thud. As she feels her fingers touch together, she scoops up whole city from its basis. The city looks like soup bowl which is filled by rocks and covered with buildings.
The size and power to pull up whole city so easily threaten the residents more, but Eliza lifts up the city feeling apologetic in her mind. And finally she holds the city to her breast and palms. The lock seems to be hard enough not to be collapsed.
Eliza knows she can relief people by her warmth and heartbeat from experience as giantess healer. And she thinks it is effective for now, and feels strange about that all residents can hear her heartbeat.
"You are totally in safe now. So please feel at ease."
Eliza smiled and observes carefully to the city, which is now close to her eyes.

The city is surrounded by city wall, but its height seems to be only a few milimeters. There are full of tiny houses and buildings all over the city, roads that are thin like string run in a zigzag. She can see people on roads and squares, but they are so tiny as pepper dust and barely recognizable for their arms and heads. Thus she can not grab their expressions or actions, just guess they may be gazing up her because almost of they are still without any movement. She is getting to feel that everything seems so small, fragile, weak, lovely, and need to protect like maternal insticts.

Eliza listens back to citizens from her thought, and finds that there are no voice of fear or anger. She tighten her hug and prays for cure and recovery. It is enough to heal them up all with this enoumous size, not needed to cast witchcraft. Indeed, people are coming out from houses and voice from them are turning into delight and appreciation.
"Are you okay? Would you please let me know if anyone are injured?"
Eliza inquires and listen feedback carefully. But there are no reply for her help, several applauses instead. There seems no wounded.
"Are there really no injured?"
Eliza asks again by way of precaution, but there are no reply to ask recovery. Finally she judges that she have already healed them all.

Eliza gives a sigh of relief, and wonders what she can do for them. Gazing up to cloud and down to town, but no idea come up. So she inquires to citizens with telepathy.
"Ah...I would lik do something helpful for you. Would you please propose for me?"

Eliza waits awhile for feedback, but there are only obscure murmur and no clear voice. She thinks that it is difficult to conceive ideas for such size after all, and going to set the city down to ground. But at that time, the voice comes upon.
"I would like to ride a cloud!"
Eliza is surprised for sudden clear proposal, and looked towards to young voice. She can easily find who yelled because he waves his arms on statue at the center of the open space. He looks too tiny to distinguish his appearance, and she thought he is likely the young boy from his movement.
"Hi, how do you do with such a size?!"
As he spoke, Eliza noticed that his voice is different from previous proposal, and same as her well-known voice. But his gesture seems to be childish rather than she knows. She stares him again, but she can not distinguish who he is.
"Are you .... Iezem?"
Eliza inquired with hesitation, worrying for mistake.
The person replied with waving his hand.
" are okay..."
Eliza feel reliefed and tightened her hug to the city unconsiously. She notices soon, and loosen back.

Even now, Eliza can not distinguish from his visible appearance. But he is alive, safe, and can talk each other. It is enough for current situation and size, she convinces herself.

"By the way..."
Eliza restarts to talk.
"I heard a request from young boy that to ride the cloud. Would you please help me to find him?"
She asks whole people in the square, but not reply awhile. As she stares at, a man on the statue starts to move among people. He seems to inquire them each by each, and he take hand of neighboring person after several trials and waves his hand.
"Thansks, Iesem."
Eliza greeds with smile. She feels glad to lean on her tiny partner.
"Then, it is your request to ride a cloud, isn't you?"
Reply comes immediately. This young voice is exactly same as once she heard before.

Eliza knows that the cloud is same as the mist and it is not possible to put something on. But she does not have any intention to explain it. Instead, she would like to turn his innocent wish into reality. Neverthless she can not explain, she feels she can do it now.
"OK, I will try."
Eliza smiles at, and stands up holding the city to her breast. She inserted her left hand into neighbouring cloud and set the city at the top of cloud like floating on. Then she closed her eyes and starts to cast in her mind.

The flowing, the invisible, but in existence, rounds and scatters the all.
Prithee hug the city gently like cotton...

According to her witchcraft, the stroke from cloud against her back of palm is getting firmer. She waits awhile, and releases the city carefully as feeling suitable stability.

The city does not fall, keeps to flow on the cloud with slight sinking. It is embarassing for her that her power is so enoumous to alter the dispensation easily, but she thinks to herself positively that she can realize his wish by her incredible power.
But as coming back from thought, what Eliza face is several tiny dots falling down from the edge of the city!

Eliza can not stop slipping voice. She covers her mouth immediately, but her voice has blown some of clouds in front of her.
"What are you doing?!"
She asks with telepathy again. But the reply sounds so easy-going.
"Do not be so angry, you surprised him."
As Iesem explains, the boy wanted to jump into cloud but he was so hesitated to do it. Thus he and surrounding men did.
Eliza thinks that his explanation is just an excuse, but she can not reprove them. ALl she can do is having a sigh covering her mouth with palm.
"But, I think it is dangerous when I will pick up the city again..."
"No problem. It will be fine."
Nevertheless her wimpering, Iesem's reply is so easy going. They seems to enjoy their moving by sweeping the soft cloud like running or swimming.

Eliza watches at them carefully for awhile, but she gradually feels mischievous over playing guys because they do not seem to mind her concern at all. They are tough enough to fall into cloud, so it does not matter to surprise.
"OK, so would you please play with me?"
Eliza said, and she extends her index finger to players in cloud.
"Oh! Wa.. What""
"No! Stop!"
Small men screams and tries to escape from Eliza's index finger by sweeping their arms and legs with their all might, but they are too tiny and slow for her looking far over from them.
"Let's play tag, don't you?"
Eliza says in playful voice, and moves her index finger, which is enourmous enought to squash whole block around them. Even though she operates very carefully and slowly not to hurt them, the passing of battleship sized finger nearby causes white blast for them. As the result of several gales, they noticed that they are carried together. Finally, Eliza extends her infex finger cushion slowly toward them and stops in front of them.
"Hi, would you please ride on, if you do not want to be hit?"
As Eliza proposed in gently voice, tiny dots move toward her finger reluctantly.

Eliza noticed that this is the first time to touch on other people from she becomes the extra large giantess. No matter how she concentrates, she can not feel any weight or warmth from tiny dots on her finger cushion. All she can feel is their thought via telepahy, and it is all she can recognize them as "people".
Gasing down dots on her finger, her mind comes into re-consideration: how large she is now. If her scale is 1000 times, a man with 6 feet height is estimated as 0.07 inch, may be same as sesame seed. But their current size is much smaller, seems to be as same as the gap of fingerprint. Thus her scale is estimated as around 3000 times, it means her height is 3 miles. What they, people in city see and feel her miles-high size?


I think giga fans prefers calcration about size, so I do.
The size of Eliza in this story is 3000 time of her original size.

160cm (5 feet 3 inch)   ->   4,800m (3 mile)
48kg (106 punds)   ->   1,296,000,000 ton

Yes, she finally exceeds giga-ton.
And I wrote down how others look like from giga-sized Eliza.

Height of normal men: 170cm (5 feet 7 inch) -> 0.57mm (0.022 inch)
The size of house   9m (30 feet) -> 3mm (0.12 inch)
The diameter of city 500m (550 yard) -> 17cm (6.6inch)

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